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Salad Catering

Boston Salads Catering

Looking for salads catering Boston? We know just what you want. You’re looking for more than just a few greens tossed onto a platter – you’re looking for something that’s crunchy, healthy, and colorful. That’s a salad that you’re eating not just because you have to – because you know those greens and other veggies are good for you – but because it’s so crispy and delicious, you can’t help yourself .   Salada Catering Boston

 Or as we call them, second-helping salads.

What’s our secret? It’s really a twofold answer: we stick to the basics, and we pay attention to detail. When it comes to making our second-helping salads, we use the finest, freshest ingredients, without compromising on quality or flavor. Crisp lettuce and other brightly colored vegetables come from the market that morning. We source tofu, ethically raised meats and dairy, and many other fine ingredients from local artisan producers, while importing some specialized items like sheep’s milk feta cheese from France. From great ingredients, we choose a complementary blend of flavors, textures, and colors, so that every single bite of our salads satisfies on all counts. Our house made dressings and vinaigrettes are crafted from carefully sourced ingredients, including extra virgin olive oil, and blended so that the flavors perfectly complement each salad.

You can choose from a variety of salad platters.

Caesar Salad

A classic salad with a base of crisp green romaine lettuce, topped with our own crunchy house made croutons, and shaved Parmesan cheese. The salad comes served with the traditional creamy Caesar dressing. Perfect paired with meat, cheese, or sandwich platters.

Optional – Add strips of marinated, grilled chicken for a full meal.

House Special Salad

This bright, beautiful, and tasty salad includes fresh mozzarella cheese, sweet cherry tomatoes, red onions, and fragrant fresh basil on a bed of mixed field greens. We recommend pairing this flavorful salad with the balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Greek Salad

.Greek Salad Catering

A popular favorite because of its blend of savory flavors, crunchy finish, and attractive presentation in green, red, black, and white. Made with mixed leaf lettuce, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, pepperoni, cucumbers, green peppers, feta cheese, and sweet red onions. Served with our delicious Greek dressing.

Garden Salad

A classic salad suitable for any first course, or as a side dish on a buffet table. This salad is made with crisp iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, red and green peppers, and red onions. Because of its subtle flavors and crunchy texture, you could pair it with virtually any dressing or vinaigrette.

Cob Salad

This salad is a meal unto itself, chock full of vitamin-rich crunchy vegetables, and a variety of sources of high quality protein. It’s made with crispy iceberg and softer romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, crumbled bacon, slices of fresh avocado, Gorgonzola cheese, and grilled chicken. A substantial salad that will blend well with a variety of dressings and vinaigrettes.

Mediterranean Platter

This is why the Mediterranean diet is considered ideal – a healthy and flavorful blend of vegetables, protein, and traditional favorites from the sunny region. The platter includes roasted red peppers, fresh roasted eggplant, stuffed grape leaves, fresh mozzarella, Kalamata olives, and cherry tomatoes.

Salada Catering Service

Vegetarian Platter

Please the vegans in your crowd with this tasty platter made with a variety of seasoned fresh vegetables. Served with creamy ranch dressing.

Berry Salad

A fruity and delicious salad with an attractive presentation. Made with soft baby spinach leaves, strawberries, blueberries, pecans, and goat cheese. A delicious blend of flavors and textures that goes well with your choice of vinaigrette.

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Choosing right Boston catering Company

Corporate Catering Boston

Ensuring that the best corporate catering is present when having any type of informal, formal, internal or external event is very important for a company fulfill. Although it takes a lot of time and effort to plan, prepare and host a successful event on its own, taking the next step in achieving attendee satisifaction is incoporating the best corporate catering. It may be a small team of people who put together such an event on behalf of the entire company, but having good corporate catering present and incorporated in any corporate event will ensure an excellent reputation for the company in the minds of the attendees, whether they may be employees or guests. Having good corporate catering at any company gathering shows that the company does care and appreicate the members of its teams, and it is an excellent strategy to ensure employee morale and productivity amongst the group too.

Corporate Boston Catering

Essential Decisions Can Influence A Corporate Catering Event

Trying to find good corporate catering in Boston can be a struggle for any small or large business to obtain sometimes. There are so many aspects to consider and so many questions to ask yourself when finding and choosing a good corporate catering company in Boston, which can sometimes be overwhelming for anyone to think about. When planning, some might have been told very vague instructions, and it is very hard to decide which direction to take in terms of which corporate catering company in Boston to go with. Although there are many elements to be thought of when planning any corporate catering event, in order to ensure that it is a successful gathering, there are crucial factors that have to be considered, such as: how many attendees there are; where the location is; what type of catering is needed; what beverages are needed; what time the event is happening; and what the purpose of the event is. Once these details are all confirmed, then one may take the next steps in ensuring the best corporate catering in Boston is present at the next corporate event.

Catering The Right Food For Your Corporate Event

Since ensuring that the best corporate catering is present at the next corporate event, it is only fitting to choose the best Boston corporate catering company. When trying to choose and find the best Boston corporate catering company, there are different aspects of the company that you should question finding out about and researching, such as the experience the company has, the products and services they provide at what prices, the flexibility to alter the menu, and their approach to appealing to different cultures and tastes. In addition, you need to see if the caterer can deliver with excellent profeiciency, and ensures high-quality and delicious meals, appealing presentations, punctual service, and the right choice of food on the menu for who is attending for what occasion. Professionalism is very important to ensure that good Boston corporate catering companies have, and other aspects such as the punctuality and flexibility the company offers is also important to ensure is brought to the table at the gathering.

Entrust A Professional With Your Boston Office Catering

Professional Office Catering

Are you trying to find a corporate catering Boston company that has the best office catering for your next corporate event? Such an important part of any business gathering, whether internal or external, or whether informal or formal, is ensuring that the attendees are satisfied, are involved, and are satisfied, with good office catering. How a company organizes and presents itself in a corporate event says a lot about the business itself, and ensuring that the company takes the time to plan good office catering for its employees or for its guests at a corporate event ensures productivity and employee morale, and gives the company a good reputation for caring about its current and future members. Regardless of who is attending or for what occasion, companies should strive to leave good impression on its employees, visitors, and future members, and the best way to begin to express how the company cares for its team is taking the first step of having the best office catering for the attendees to enjoy and remember.

Office catering in MA USA

Office Catering Boston

Not only is trying to host a corporate event, whether large or small, can be quite difficult for companies to not only succeed in doing but to even attempt, but trying to find good office catering in Boston can be even more difficult. No matter what the event may be, such as a seminar, a meeting, a luncheon, a grand opening, a product launch, or a business party, having the best office catering in Boston, and taking the time as a corporation to give back to the attendees, whether they may be employees or guests, is a huge step going in the right direction for the company. Taking the time to show your appreciation and gratitude for the members of your team really leaves a good impression in the attendees’ minds on the company, and it shines a very nice light onto the company as a whole. Finding offering catering in Boston may be a struggle to obtain and achieve successfully at times, but don’t let that get in the way of making it apart of your company’s internal, external, informal or formal business gatherings to ensure that all feel welcomed, and all feel enticed to commit to the team and to return again to future gatherings.

Boston Office Catering Company

Sometimes finding the best Boston office catering company is nearly impossible. There are either so many companies, or not enough companies, from which you may choose, but none are really standing out to you and you aren’t really fond of any of them. There are so many questions and concerns that one may have when planning an event that requires the best Boston office catering company. Concerns may include, but are not limited to: the price of the food and of what is included; how flexible the menu is; how reliable the caterer is; if sampling is allowed; how much experience the company has; and who from the company will be in charge of the catering. Sometimes trying to find the answer you want from each question becomes such a frustrating task, or you are not pleased with the answer once you already committed to one company. To ensure you are receiving products and services from the best Boston office catering company, ask these questions beforehand, and ensure you receive answers on time and in a way that fits your needs for your corporate event.

Office Catering in Boston

Boston Office Catering

Whether you are hosting a large or small, formal or informal, internal or extral business event, for many businesses, trying to find the best office catering in Boston is truly a struggle. Most of the time the company’s cafeteria, kitchen, or basement coffee shop is just not an efficient enough way to “cafer” the event that shows the company’s appreciation for its employees. Whether there might be a corporate event such as grand openings, retirement parties, anniversary parties, team building or training sessions, or maybe even a new product launch celebration, each event deserves to be treated like a special occasion for all who are attending, whether they are employees or guetss. Make the most out of the next business gathering, and order the best office catering in Boston, and show your attendees that the company does care and wants to satisfy all of the members of its team, starting with providing good office catering.

Office Catering Boston

Boston Catering Service

All attendees to a business event deserve to have the best catering service in Boston. Boston catering services may be a struggle to finalize on, but the result is all worth the time and effort that went into planning and organizing that extra something special to add to the event. Attendees will feel more inclined to participate and actively listen to what is being discussed during the gathering, and they will feel welcomed once they see that there is high-quality and delicious food that meets their wants and needs when attending such an event, due to the fact that they will recognize time has been taken out on the company’s behalf to ensure that the guests are content during the event. Employee morale and productivity will be increased once the attendees see that because the best Boston catering service has been incorporated into their gathering, the company of which they are a part really does care and want all to feel comfortable and satisified when attending all events for the company.

Boston Office Catering Company

Although it is not always the easiest task finding the best Boston office catering company, it is a task that needs to be completed by every company when hosting a corproate event. Whether the event is a small retirement party, a formal product launch celebration, or an informal training session, every event deserves to be treated like a party with delicious food and beverages, as well as with excellent service. When trying to find good Boston office catering companies, you need to research and analyze the benefits each company will offer you at the gathering. Such benefits include: professional service; professional presentation; flexibility of what items are served for who the crowd is, for what occasion and for what time of day; office catering experience for any type of event for any size of group; and a large selection of options on the menu to satisfy different dietary needs, tastes and perferences. For any corporate event, the best Boston office catering company should be present, and when the attendees see the best, they will feel as if they are part of the best company.

Corporate Catering Service in Boston

Corporate Catering Boston

The best corporate catering is important to be included at any corporate event hosted by any type of business, large or small. Ensuring that all attendees feel appreciated and welcomed by doing such a small yet significant task of having the best Boston corporate catering present at a business event really does leave such a good impression on the employees or guests, and really gives the company a great reputation for caring about the members of their team. Once the attendees recognize that not only has the money been dedicated to incorporate the best corporate catering, but the time and effort has also been put into action to ensure the best corporate catering is included at the event just for the attendees to be satisfied with, will make them feel appreciated and welcomed, and it will make them feel more inclined to attend the events and show active participation during the events as well.

Corporate Catering Boston

Corporate Catering Service in Boston

The corporate catering service in Boston can be difficult to find sometimes, and there is far too much time, effort and money that goes into having corporate catering to take such a large risk with a company you are unfamiliar with. Ensuring that the best corporate catering service in Boston is included and present at corporate events makes the attendees feel as if they are worth all of those extra expenses and extra planning to ensure that they are comfortable and content during any business gathering. Whether the gathering is for members of the team, future members, or just visitors from other companies, once the attendees see that there has been time and money taken out on behalf of the company that has been dedicated in guaranteeing excellent service with delicious food, all of that extra hard work and planning would have absolutely been worth it.

Boston Corporate Catering Company

There are many factors that one should consider when searching for and choosing the best Boston corporate catering company. These factors may range from being of significance or insignificance to each company, but nonetheless are all important to consider. Such factors include: seeing if there is a set menu or if the caterer is flexible; finding out who is representing the company and will be handling the event; seeing how fresh the food is and how it is prepared; finding out what the pricing is and what is included; asking if you may sample the food; and asking if the caterer has professional experience in corporate catering. In order to receive the best products and services from the best Boston corporate catering company, the proper research has to be done in order to discover who exactly that company is, and what they offer to the table.

Cheese And Goodies

For cheese lovers we create some platers with irresistible items. Ask us what we can do for your next event.

Cheese and Snack Catering

Cheese and Tomato Salad

Elenas Cafe Catering

Some of our new menu creation.

Elenas Cafe Menu

Healthy Menu Catering

Every day we have more and more request for healthy choice menus for catering events. We can accommodate any of those requests, just give us a call to discus your needs and ideas. We will make them to became reality.

Healthy Catering


So many salads made from fresh vegetable will make any events big success.

Fruit and Healthy Salads Catering Bostoin

BBQ Catering Boston

Catering BBQ Services In Boston

Boston BBQ Catering

BBQ catering in Boston is becoming more and more popular for a variety of events and occasions, and it’s easy to see why. A selection of fragrant grilled meats with an array of side dishes has a universal appeal. Done the right way, grilling is a healthy way to prepare meats, and the end result is flavorful and tastes unlike any other cooking method or style.

Modern foodies have rediscovered the joys of BBQ menus, fueled by nostalgia for home cooking. BBQ foods are home style good, but nowadays, made with a contemporary understanding of seasonings and crafted from the finest ingredients. This isn’t a slapdash burger or hot dog – it’s delicious real food made with care.

BBQ Catering in Boston – A Flexible Menu

From a family favorite, a BBQ menu is flexible enough to accommodate a very wide variety of occasions, groups, and events. It’s easy to please even large groups of people with tasty BBQ chicken, meats, and all the trimmings. A BBQ menu is a sure hit at,

  • family reunions,
  • corporate events,
  • employee appreciation events,
  • anniversaries and other milestones marked by gatherings of family and friends.

One of the reasons why BBQ catering has such a broad appeal is the variety of menu choices that can be combined to make up the perfect BBQ catering menu. When the occasion is casual, there are burgers – including vegetarian option – and burritos, and all-beef hot dogs. When even the humblest of hot dogs. is made from the best ingredients, the results are juicy and delicious.

BBQ Catering Boston Area

For a classic BBQ menu, there are options like BBQ chicken, melt in your mouth pulled pork, and juicy steak tips. For more upscale occasions and gourmet tastes, you can choose options like New York strip steaks, marinated chicken shish kebabs, and spicy Mexican chorizo with salsa. Add side dishes that range from classic potato, pasta, and garden salads to BBQ baked beans, corn on the cob, baked macaroni & cheese, cornbread, and more, and it’s a no-fuss feast fit for any group of hungry people. And of course – you can’t forget desserts like brownies and watermelon wedges, along with ice tea and lemonade. From the smallest children to family or corporate elders, there is something for everyone to enjoy on the menu.


BBQ catering in Boston brings you great food and also great service. With an expert BBQ chef at the helm, the event can proceed while guests take in the growing and delectable smells coming from the grill. Organizers and guests alike can relax and enjoy watching the meal take shape almost as much as they will enjoy eating it once it’s cooked to perfection. It will become a highly anticipated event that guests are sure to remember with a smile.

2018 Start Strong

So many returning customers, and the new ones, make our January  2018 (usually slow month for catering) one of the strongest month ever.  Our hard work, attention to details, good relationship with our clients, always pay off on the long run.

Here is the some  pictures from our recent catering events in January.

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