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Nice comments

We try hard to serve people on all our locations, and from time to time we got some very nice comments, and this is what means a lot for us. We got some complains to (and we always solve them ASAP) but about complains some other time.

Hello Elena,

I wanted to send along a BIG thank you to Marcella and Ada for all their hard work this week with the Board Meeting.  They did an outstanding job!  Their professionalism showed through in their presentation, timeliness, and customer service.  Please let them know how appreciative we are for all their hard work!

 Regards,  Holly

Testimonials Boston Catering

Also I just had your wedding soup and chicken salad sandwich – oh my goodness – I am fussy about chicken salad, and it was one of the best I ever ate! And the soup was awesome, fresh tasting and not greasy… Delicious.

Vanusa is a sweetheart too!  Love her… she is the best. I just started working for here for Dr. Scott, the President, 4 weeks ago. I am so glad there are delicious healthy choices for breakfast and lunch.





Hi Elena –

Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work today! I know you and your staff were juggling a lot of things and everything has gone perfectly!  Thank you! Karen

 Karen D’Arcy

Conference Center Manager, Meetings and Events

National Fire Protection Association


Good morning Elena,

I wanted to thank you again for a job well done with our breakfast on the 9th of May.

The staff was thrilled to have a hot and delicious meal before classes started for the day.

The food was yummy, plentiful and enjoyed by all. Again, thanks for all your hard work and assistance with putting this together with me.

Hopefully, we can work together on more functions in the future!

Many thanks,

Carol and the grateful staff of North Quincy High School


Elena –

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! The food was amazing and the presentation surpassed expectation.
I am based in DC but will definitely utilize your services again when back in town.

I have included my colleague Jim (James) in this email who too was extremely impressed with the presentation and competitive pricing…wanted to introduce you two for possible future engagements of service.

Thank you again for your flexibility in assisting with the last minute lunch request too!! A LIFE SAVER!

All my best to you and I cannot say THANK YOU enough for your services!





Good morning, Ricoh would like to thank you for the complimentary breakfast.  Everything was delicious.

Francine DeMichele
Sr. Administrative Assistant



This si one comments we got . Thank you Rose  for this feedback.

Name: Rose Marie

Email Address:

I just want to send a nice message with regards to the staff at the café at 4 BATTERYMARCH PARK. Bruna and all the girls are the nicest staff so friendly and always with a smile for us. I know it can get crazy busy at lunch hour but they are so sweet and nice it’s a pleasure each day to see them. Even with picky customers always demanding they are so professional. I HEAR PEOPLE IN LINE ORDERING AND NOT EVEN SAYING PLEASE AND THANK YOU And the girls keep smiling and being professional. So just wanted to let you know they really are a nice group to have and we love them. Have a great rest of the day.


This is our location at 4 BATTERYMARCH PARK.




I feel that Venuza and Herald are doing an excellent job – everything has been wonderful (service, personal assistance and flexibility, the quality of the food, table display, clean up). It’s been a joy working with them!



Some nice  words from Noreen


Good afternoon,
I frequent the Café at 4 Batterymarch and I just wanted to let someone know about the excellent service from the girls.  Always hard working with pleasant attitudes and a smile.  So often people are quick to complain but not as quick to send a nice word or compliment.   Bruna and her counter parts are a great balance to each other and I enjoy speaking with them when I pop in.  Keep up the great work ladies 🙂


Hi Elena,

Just want  you to know that EVERYONE was talking about the delicious food and presentation today! Thanks.
Regards,  Peter/

Good morning, Ricoh would like to thank you for the complimentary breakfast.  Everything was delicious.

Very thoughtful to do this for new tenants.

Francine DeMichele


Just wanted to let you know I’m currently in 1896 proctoring the Fire Inspector exam with 18 people testing – there were 27 in the training.  All week the class talked about how much they LOVED the food!!  Also they love the meeting room and space. This space offered us tables for the training and round tables for eating and they also used the rounds for breakouts and used the TV screens around the room to do video quizzes.  They all said they really liked coming to NFPA to take the training and exam – better than a hotel – a quote.  I wanted to pass this along to you.  Thanks for your assistance!!


Laurie Solomon

NFPA Certification Department

One Batterymarch Park

Sandwiches and pastries for 400

On 22nd May we had request for catering for 400 peoples. It took place in West Roxbury , Massachusetts .
We served for them
Assorted Sandwich Platters
Assorted pastries
Soda and Water
We made all table set up in gym hall. Here is some pictures from that catering event.

Pastries catering Boston
Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.19.50 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.20.18 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.20.36 AM


Catering Menu Under $10

Elena cafe catering services in Boston area, are our core business, and we make that right, for all our clients. Our regular clients know all about us, but every day we got new ones, and they ask us all kind of questions about our catering services. Most common question is what they can get for 30, 50, 150  people for under $10 per person.

Catering menu options  under $10

 Catering breakfast or lunch priced under $10 per person includes:
Sandwich or wrap (check our Breakfast Catering Menu )
Soft drink
Cookies or Brownies
Here is the  choices for sandwich or wrap
Catering Menu under $10 Boston area
More under $10 different choices :
Hot lunch Buffet Trays
Meatballs Trays
Chicken Broccoli and Ziti
Stuffed Chicken
Chicken Marsala
Chicken Parmesan
Chicken Victoria
Chicken Wings
Steak Tips

With any choice above (1 dish) you will get  soft drinks and salad, cookies and brownies for under $12 per person.

Another very popular option is:

Hot breakfast per person with coffee and juice, come with  price under $10 per person, and includes:
Continental Breakfast

Sometimes  you need something small, inexpensive. We can make you some option priced under $7 per person. We can make some combinations from:

Assorted Sandwich Platers and
Assorted Wraps
Salad Bar
Assortment of Deli meats and Cheeses
Garden Salad
Caesar Salad
Anything you need, please call us
Catering available seven days a week |
Let our experienced catering consultant to plan your party. Call 781-888-1364

Lunch Catering Tips

Tips for Choosing the Lunch Menu for Your Wedding Day

“Wedding”, the word itself brings a smile on our faces. There are either memories related to it or there are wishes in the same context. You all plan so much when it comes to wedding. Now, the most important essence of a wedding is the food. No matter what you do, or how well you plan the other things, if the food is not the way it should be then the rest is a waste. Therefore, make sure to call the best lunch catering services on your big day.

Lunch catering

Weddings are attended by a wide age group of people ranging from the young ones to the oldies. So wisely choose your menu so that it suits all the age types. It can also be a difficult task, so the lunch catering services comes to the rescue with solutions to your problems.

Of course it is your day so you will choose something which your spouse and you will enjoy and remember. You would definitely have a lot of things in mind and you would also want to choose the best dishes for your function. So rather than eating the head of your lunch catering services, there are following tips which will surely help you make the correct decision.

mediterranean catering boston

Rely on your tasting buds

Make the most of your time when you attend tastings with your caterers. Plan out a list of question and clear all your doubts. Also bring such a person along whose advises you trust the most. Rely on your instincts and be confident about your taste buds. If you know that your taste and choice is good then why to worry after all.

Keep it simple

If you try to do too much, there are high chances of things getting ruined. It is righty said that there is beauty in simplicity, so if you are not sure about what to do then stick to a simple and a sweet lunch menu. This is one of the easiest and the best tip to ensure that you have chosen the best dishes and it comes with a guarantee that the guests are going to love it. Even the lunch catering services will be quite happy about it.

Get your budget ready

Weddings are definitely such occasions where you splurge, but also keeping a tight check on the amount is mandatory. Keep a fixed budget for everything. Set a budget aside for the lunch of your wedding day. Make sure to split it as what amount you want to spend for your starters, main course and desserts. You will be ready from before hand and taking decisions would not be spontaneous.

Think differently

If you don’t want a simple and a plain menu and also don’t have a problem with the budget, then you can be quite creative. If you have a theme wedding, then serve the lunch as per your theme planning. Doing this would definitely be pricey but people will remember your wedding.

So once everything is set and planned, your job is to get the best lunch catering services in town.

What to order for 20-35 people?

In February  we host lot events, with  20 -35 on site. We have all kinds of different request, we listen to our clients, and  deliver  what we promise to them.

Here is the  some ideas  for your next event, so take a look and call us ,  we can  make together menu , which will be appreciated  from your guests, or business partners.

20 people catering

35 people catering

30 people catering

Breakfast for 25 people

Breakfast for 25

35 guests  catering

Breakfast for 15 people

Breakfast for 20 person

Catering Boston lunch

Catering for 30m people Boston


Private Dinning Catering

If you need  to entertain your friends in private gatherings, Elenas cafe  has great experience with that kind of events. Here is one example what we  cater for 35 people private diner event.

Caprese Salad
COD Piccata with Risotto and Roasted Veggies 
Ice Cream and Berries

Private dinner catering Boston

How many people we feed in January?

A lot.

After extremely busy December, January continue to be busy  month for us. Lots new clients, with  different request. We was able to fulfill them all, like always.

If you have some special request for catering, want some specialty food , or something out of ordinary, we are here to make it happen.

Here is some insights on January orders.

Catering  in MA

Catering for 60 people Boston

Lunch catering  in Boston

100 people catering

Cookies catering boston

Catering for 40 people

Catering for 110 person Boston

90 hungry persons catering


December is always busy, but this one was busiest ever

So many happy return customers in December, hosting Christmas parties make us extremely busy in december. Lots new clients find us and book their events. All in all busy  busy  month. Here is some pictures from some of the events in December.

Elenas Cafe Catering 200 ppl 
Turkey Carving Station, Potatoes and Vegetables Aux Gratin Gratin, Cranberry Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Mediterranean Platers, Apple Crisp. Lots happy smiles  after.

Turkey dinner  lunch boston party

Lunch catering Boston

 Cranberry Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Mediterranean Platers

Sandwich catering Boston

Lunch Christmas party Boston

Pizza and stuff catering in Boston

Coffe and breakfast Boston area catering

Coffe meeting catering

Hard working people

In busy October month we hardly have a time for break. But we find time to make this picture of our hard working people. This is what we need to have on site, when got event 200 people+.

Boston catering people

October is busy busy

Elenas Cafe Catering 200 ppl

Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee Trifles , Pomegranate & Blueberry Bliss, Berry, Lemon-Lime & Mint, Flavor Water Infusion

Masacusets catering companies




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