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Elenas Cafe Catering

Some of our new menu creation.

Elenas Cafe Menu

Healthy Menu Catering

Every day we have more and more request for healthy choice menus for catering events. We can accommodate any of those requests, just give us a call to discus your needs and ideas. We will make them to became reality.

Healthy Catering


So many salads made from fresh vegetable will make any events big success.

Fruit and Healthy Salads Catering Bostoin

2018 Start Strong

So many returning customers, and the new ones, make our January  2018 (usually slow month for catering) one of the strongest month ever.  Our hard work, attention to details, good relationship with our clients, always pay off on the long run.

Here is the some  pictures from our recent catering events in January.

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Catering Menu Boston

Where To Buy Holiday Pies In Boston?



Holiday Pie in Boston


Why choose holiday pie?

When it comes to the big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, a holiday pie is a must-have addition to the celebration. After the appetizers and the big turkey or ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, a tasty fruit pie is a welcome finale to the big meal. A well made pie is flaky and flavorful, and the fruity finish makes a nice contrast to the rich flavors of a meaty holiday feast.

A pie works with whatever kind of entertaining you have in mind. It can be easily served at a sit down dinner. A holiday pie also works well as a buffet item or as part of the sweet table at a serve-yourself party. If you are invited to a big meal at someone else’s home, a holiday pie is sure to be a welcome gift you can bring along.

Holiday pies Boston

Where to buy holiday apple pie in Boston

You’ve got a lot on your plate over the holidays- literally! When you consider the logistics, your oven will be occupied all day long with roasting turkeys, hams, and side dishes. Do you have time to knead and roll out the pastry dough? And then, to bake the pie while all the chaos is going on? Let’s also face facts – baking the perfect pie is no mean feat. You may be a turkey superstar, but are pies are your weakness? You can save yourself the trouble by ordering and buying your holiday apple pie right here in Boston. A fresh made pie with a light, flaky crust and savory, fruity filling – what could be a better finish for your Thanksgiving or Christmas extravaganza? There are a number of caterers, bakers, and even hotels where you can order your holiday apple pie. Let our experience make your choice easy.

Where to buy pies in Boston

Why choose Elena’s Cafe?

Elena’s Cafe has been a family owned full service catering and food company since 1996. We’ve been serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to Boston for more than two decades, with full on-site facilities at our 11 locations throughout the Boston area. Our pies are baked by our chefs at our locations from fresh ingredients when you order. We offer a range of choices when it comes to flavors, including,

Best pie in Boston

  • Cherry
  • Blueberry
  • Dutch Apple
  • Pumpkin
  • Southern Pecan Pie
  • Berry Pie
  • Apple Pie
  • Peach Pie

Apple pie to buy Boston

Ordering online is easy and secure using our system. If you’d like to talk about your holiday celebrations, we offer private special event and corporate catering, available seven days a week. Along with food, we can provide everything you need for the perfect event from uniformed staff to linens, china, and silverware. You can choose to visit one of our Boston area locations, or call to speak to an experienced catering consultant and let us help you plan the ultimate holiday celebration.

Something is baking?

Baking pie

September is here, we are ready

After Labour day, everything become very very busy. We take some brake during the summer, but now we are ready to busy September. We made some  adjustment in our menu, ad   more items, and already have good feedback about.

We will continue to improve our business, to make more creative dishes, which will make our offering even more attractive. All in all we are ready for any challenge, any number of people to be served, any occasion.

Boston event catering

Best catering

Summer BBQ, Ice cream Social ….

Summer is still here. People  come together to enjoy the summer, and they need our little help with BBQ, Ice cream etc. Here is some August event we made.

BBQ Boston events catering

Ice cream social Boston

Massachusetts caterong compoany

Fruit catering Boston

Figs and Cheese and …

Great choice for your next catering event . Some of our dishes we served in May in numerous occasions, in Boston area.

Figs and Cheese

Cheese plater

Cheese and grape

Catering Choices

Some of our catering Menu items live in action, on actual  events. We pick few of them from April 2017.

Catering Menu

Boston Lunch Events

Lunch Catering Boston

Spring is Around The Corner

Spring is Around The Corner. Boston wake up  from winter blues. People are walking around, and breath fresh spring air. We at Elenas Cafe enjoying spring like everyone else, but need to work hard to make  all catering request. Here is some  pictures from March, from our catering events in   Boston area.

breakfast catering lunch catering

Busy February

February was very, very busy.

breakfast catering sketch1 sketch2 sketch3


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